12:53 AM Tagged By Ting Feng

1. The person that tagged you is :
Ting Feng...==

2. Your relationship with him is :

3. Your first impression to him is :

4. The most memorable moment with him :
I asked him : want to eat what?

5. The most memorable thing that he had said to you :

Char Bee Hoon ( LOL )

6. If he becomes your lover, you will :
me gay? what ******* is this?

7. If he became your lover, what should he improve at :
go for a transexual operation first? ==

8. If he becomes your enemy, what would you do :
Become his enemy too.....

9. If he becomes your enemy, the reason will be :
He is taller than me.......==

10. The most desired thing you want to do for him now is :
Ask him, want to eat what?

11. Your overall impression to him is :
Mopeng? ( hope he don't see this)

12. The characteristic you love most about yourself :

well....most of it, yea most of it, most of it, yea ( LOL )

13. The characteristic you hate most about yourself :
well....most of it, yea most of it, most of it, yea ( LOL )

14. The most ideal person you want to be is :
well....most of it, yea most of it, most of it, yea ( LOL ) siao! not sure leh

15. For people that care and love you, say something to them :
Who?? come tell me

16. Pass this quiz to 10 people who you want to know how they feel about you :

1. Jen Juang ( I know you already delete your blog already, put siok )

2. Desmond Goh ( blog dead? )

3. Kah Beng

4. Khoon Yen

5. Ting Feng ( i think i just being tagged by him )

6. Kuo Chang ( I know you still didn't post anything on your blog )

7. Xian Wen

8. Amanda

9. Leonard Tay

10. Chee Yi

17. Who is 6 having relationship with :
Always fail de...how can got relationship

18. Is 9 a female or male :

19. If 7 and 10 were together, would it be a good thing :
Worst than human extinct ( LOL )

20. What is 2 studying at the moment :

21. When was the last time you had a chat with 3 :
1 day 5 hours 34 minutes 24 seconds

22. What kind of music does 8 like :
All types gua

23. Does 1 have any siblings :
You think he is from rumah yatim meh?

24. Will you woo 3 :
woo? what the hell is this?

25. How about 7 :
ask you what is woo liao mah, summor ask what about 7, cari pasal ==

26. Is 4 single :
50% 50%

27. What's the surname of 5 :

Ng Ng?

28. What's the hobby of 5 :

29. Do 5 and 9 get along well :
You think i'm what? paparazzi?

30. Where is 4 studying at :
Chung Ling High School la....

31. Say something casual about your eyes :
Got eyeball? Come on, ask the girls (LOL swt )

32. Have you tried developing feelings to 5 :
thought i gay lou meh?

33. Where does 9 live :
Beside his neighbours?

34. What colours does 4 like :
No idea....

35. Are 5 and 1 are good friends :
Yes, cause 5 always goes zoo to visit 1

36. Does 7 like 2 :
Why you keep ask like la, what relationship la de questions? Go do paparazzi la

37. How did you get to know 2 :
Sama class ma

38. Does 1 have any pets :
He is already a pet for someone else.

39. Is 7 the sexiest person in the world :

Walao.........................i go suicide first! BB

5:21 AM Crap Post 1

A yo! I'm back everyone! Does everyone miss me? what? yes? no? LOL who cares

haih, do you all want to know why i didn't blogging for so long? want or not? you!

I ask you! you want to know? what?cannot answer me ah? suak == let me check

and see how long liao? wait, go take calculator first, what? 3 months? actually,

actually the reason is, is i forgot my blog password ( swt LOL ) i try about 1000

attempt, butv none of them correct, finally i only realised that my password is, is,

is............................. so easy to remember xP Come let me give you some clue, very

simple only la, ( everyone that knows me, know my password ), shhhhhh

hope no one see this! want to try to hack my account, come la, come! damn i

forgot my password again! LOL

11:23 PM Holiday!!!

Yahoooo!! Its holiday!!! So what? It is so boring! Keep looking at the msn, see who online,

see who offline, see who away, see who appear offline, but but why no one want to chat

with me??? WHY???? because i appear offline ma ( swt )! errr nothing to say..

How about last friday trip to Gurney?

Jen Juang, Khoon Yen, Robin Ong decided to go to Gurney, but no place to shower.

So i allow them to come to my house to shower lo....after that

all go cut hair, we walk walk and walk, cross the moutain, swim across the ocean and

finally reach there. Walao so unexpected, my hair had turned to ELVIS style....damn

cool, after that all sit Jen Juang car and go Gurney, no matter where I go, a lot of girls

keep follow me, some even nose bleeding ( LOL ) Then we decided to watch

This movie only allow 18 and above to watch, but we are only 16, so they ask us go watch

Dragonball Evolution, after a few minutes, we sneak out the room and go to watch

Love Matters, this movie is so damn funny, and so rough. I laugh till my mouth cannot

close back ( =.=!!) Later, we walk to tuition, again again and again the girls in the tuition

class keep nose bleeding when they see me ( LOL )

That all, bye!

1:29 AM Boring Saturday!

Saturday also cannot sleep later, need to wake up at 7.oo a.m. Haih kesian! Need 8 reach 

school, so depart at 7.30 a.m. Reach school some more need to do works. The worst is

all my pants got kena paint. Haih. After activity go meet Yiyang, Xian Wen, Lin Eow

Kuanny, Kuo Chang at padang

Want to see my beloved friends?? Here they are

Ta Da :

Kuo Chang always complain he no hair, now more ok aboi??? Hope you 

like it!

You look a little like :

Da Fei act cool! Yao Yeng ( LOL )

Xian Wen. Likes to play football, veli handsome leh?? But not as handsome 

as me?

Want to see my face and body??? Like ronaldo wan leh!

Actually i don't want to show off de, but my face really like ronaldo leh!

Only manage to find one Lin Eow pic. A very nice one! Can explode 

de mah???

Then we all go 5SA2 to attend Geografi Club!  Go there ki shang! Kap siao la.......

Later go canteen, go buy drinks. Then follow Yiyang go scout den. Wah, so "dua liap

need to escort him some more. 

How, handsome boh we all?

Wah, then go hand ball court using basketball to play football 
( =.=!! ) 

Play under hot sun, Omg at last we all turn into 

BBQ Chicken!

Walao the basketball so hard, kick le leg also pain! At 12.00 p.m. all go home!

See I told you all le, there will no more pang pui articles, now belive me 

a boi???

12:26 AM Another Another Crap Post!

Today, 6.30 a.m. tiok wake up liao, nearly forget brush teeth go school ( LOL ). Add

Maths first lesson again, then my friend told me something, he say
teacher like to wear

things big big, shirt big, pant big, today earing big, luckily didn't wear bra big

(LOL) After that, shit! Moral lesson, that teacher want come in ' liam geng 'again liao.

He meditate for only 1 minute, all student head face the table liao! Then Chuh Yiing says

" say good is teach, say bad is don't know pass
what lamp@ moral to us

(=.=!!) "
After recess, Zhi Yang pang pui again! Not again! I beg you please don't

do liao la. Really really beg you!
Don't know recess eat what?
Maybe is big onion?

Zhi Yang training is a total success, his pui not only got

quantity, got quality also de, i sit so far
also can smell tiok!  Next monday, i

decided to take this to school liao.

Special Created Oxygen Tank that will prevent you from suffocated with Pang Pui!

What?? what had happen??? what??? faster say la! Oi say la, Don't want friend you liao!

You give me come! What??? Chinese Essay competition? Write 5 rows then pass up liao,

4 rows rubbish, prepare get first for crap writing! Then Physics lesson, Stim Kia Jia En

says " this teacher is the cutest in the school " ( yam lou ) Jia En going to

kill me if he see this! Don't know he can see tiok bo???

Thats all Bye Everyone! Hang on there! I promise you all i will not write 

any pang pui articles again, how about pang sai, pang jiu articles?? 

Just kidding la!

1:21 AM Another Crap Post!

Aiyo! 6 a.m. tiok wake up liao. Body so pain and tired! Maybe last night do too much

aggressive exercise ( Oi !! don't think dirty la ) head very pain also! Never mind lo,

reach school liao, some more need to duty! @%#%@ !!! pity this charming boy la!! ( LOL )

BUT!! luckily first two lesson is PJK, play handball, a lot of injuries had happen. jen jaung

finger poke onto his another finger, chuh yiing leg nearly broke into two, i kena spinned on 

the road, behind all injured. I know everyone is worried about me, but me is okay, still can

spinned on the road a few times gok ( choi choi choi ) Then add maths again liao, but 

everyone doesn't bother the teacher, just take out their clothes, unzipped their pants infront 

of her, hahahahahaha, teach her become yam lou ( =.=!! ) After recess, something

extraordinary happen! Want to know bo??? Want tiok must wait la! me type till tired liao,

you know bo?? According to Stim Kia Jia En, he say Zhi Yang ( one of our class student )

keep pang pui non stop , 1 minutes pang pui 3 times ( break last year de record )

I think Zhi Yang is undergoing training, to break CLHG Guiness Record with pang pui the 

most times in 1 minutes. Besides that, Jia En says it STINK!!!! The rest of the lesson, i 

just kap siao non stop with my friends. Thats all, BYE!!! oooo wait wait!!! wait!!! Zhi Yang 

if you see this post, you don't scold me, scold Jia En. Jia En if you see this post, don't scold 

me, scold Zhi Yang. Thanks For The Coorperation!!!!!

8:42 PM Crap Post!

Last night, 2.03.06 a.m. only sleep, actually go in is turn here turn there, cannot sleep

at all, so 

First Resolve :

Turn on the fan to 5

Result - Total Failure, scared the fan will drop at my face! ( LOL )

Second Resolve :

Took off my shirt

Result - A total success! get shocked suddenly see my body is so HOT!!! 
             ( A lot of girls say my face like Ronaldo and body like Mr. Universe )

Want to see not??? Must wait la! Must pay wan lo!! But today give free cause want to 
thanks my fans!!!

Sorry...accidentally press too hard, all muscle show let people see liao

Look at my Fans:

They all want to touch my body! All girls!! Yahooooo!!! yam lou!

Then 9 a.m. tiok wake up le! OMG My mum didn't buy for me breakfast! Ya Allah!

Eat what??

Eat bak kua??? Get sore throat le ( =.=!!! )

Is this pork flavour???? Glad the malays like it when they had these!

Cannot stand le! Ask my father go out buy somethings for me! Apa la , buy for me

vegetarian food! But at the end taste quite 

( means good! )

Then later play computer! Play computer games! Yahoo!!!

Play Spongebob Squarepants Collapse!! Wohoo Level 1 nia CHEH! ( Childish !! sampat!!)

Then go for guitar lesson. 45 minutes only......time flies..... Then now eating Laksa!

Thats all for today!! bye! Sorry for this crap post!!!!!!